for creators with a virtual beings idea
they want to start pursuing!


 The virtual beings ecosystem is just getting started but already it is garnering a huge amount of excitement. We believe that virtual beings will be the next OS, and the first OS to be built up by a community - creating a virtual beings OS will require developers all over the map - across character and personality, AI, games, social media, IoT and artists!


Which Categories Should Applications Focus On?

There are four key Grant Categories - a submission should fall under one of these categories:

  • Games - how we play with virtual beings.

  • Enterprise - how a virtual being can assist us with our work

  • Social - How a virtual being can connect us

  • Education - how a virtual being can teach us things 

What Can I Send In To Help My Project?

You will have until October 10th to submit your application via the form at virtual-beings-summit.com/grants. Send in videos, links, documents to show your project in the best light.

Can I Submit As An Individual or Do I Have To Be a Business?

Individuals and businesses can submit.

When Can I Submit?

Submissions Deadline for Grants is October 10th with winners announced at the Virtual Beings Summit LA on November 19th. Submissions are open … today!

Who Will Judge My Project?

Judged by a panel of top founders, VCs, CEOs, and researchers across Virtual Beings!

What Do You Mean By Virtual Beings Projects?

Applications are open to projects focused on virtual beings - for example: 

  • Digital Humans

  • Virtual Influencers

  • AI Tools for Virtual Beings 

  • Virtual Assistants 

  • Creative AIs

  • Avatars

  • IoT using a virtual being 

  • Enterprise virtual being application  


Virtual beings is a new space. To believe today that a virtual being might be at the heart of every part of our lives is a big, crazy leap of faith.

We invite those crazy enough to believe to sign up here!

Submissions close on 10/10
and winners will be announced at the Virtual Beings Summit LA on November 19th.